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Baby Nurse Certification Course Training

Newborn Care Essentials Training Course

The perfect beginner level training for caregivers who would like fundamental newborn care training to improve their skills and knowledge on the most essential aspects of caring for young babies.

Get Started in Your Newborn Care Career Journey

Earn Your Newborn Care Essentials Training Certificate

Understanding Newborn Development: Learn about the stages of growth and typical developmental milestones in newborns.

Essential Hygiene and Care Practices: Master basic techniques for bathing, diaper changing, and maintaining a clean environment for newborns.

Feeding Essentials: Explore the basics of feeding newborns, including bottle feeding and recognizing hunger cues.
Basic Health Monitoring: Learn how to observe and monitor a newborn's health, recognizing signs of common illnesses.

Newborn Comfort Techniques: Understand soothing methods, including swaddling and calming techniques for fussy babies.

Bonding and Attachment: Explore ways to foster a strong emotional connection with a newborn.

Understanding Infant Sleep Patterns: Gain insights into newborn sleep cycles and establishing healthy sleep habits.

Effective Communication with Parents: Learn how to communicate effectively with parents and provide valuable support.

Emergency Preparedness: Review Infant CPR and Acquire basic knowledge on handling emergencies and when to seek professional medical help.

Starting Your Career: Learn how to get started with little to no experience.

This Training Program is
PERFECT for you if:

Newborn Care Specialist Baby Nurse Certi

✅ You're new to newborn care and want an introductory level course and training to get started.

✅ You're looking for a respected certificate from a reputable organization that is a leader in newborn care.

✅ You want to level up your career and want expert guidance to advance your childcare career.

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Master Newborn Care Specialist

"Thank you so much for this training, I learned so much in the Newborn Specialist Master Course online and my certificate is very impressive to clients and very helpful to my career!"

Newborn Care Specialist Training Online Course

Infant Nanny Professional

"I enjoyed this training so much and will surely use what I learned for many years to come!  I have experience but this training has taken it to the next level - thank you ICT!"

Newborn Specialist Baby Nurse Training Class Certification with ICT Academy Online and New

Travel Nanny & Newborn Specialist

"This training was such a good decision!  ICT gave me the confidence and advice on applying for agencies and I was able to apply my skills right away!"

Student FAQ's

What are the dates of the next online training session? The next training begins March 9th, 2024, and you can complete the training according to your own schedule. When you register you will receive a detailed confirmation email and your student training package will be shipped.

How much does the online Essential Newborn Training cost? The Newborn Essentials Course only $997 and includes your training, materials and certificate.

How long is the essential level course take? The Newborn Care Essential training is two-weeks self paced and can usually be completed within 10 hours or less. It includes the dynamic video training, activities and assessments.

Is there a payment plan option? Yes, if you're unable to pay in full, there is a payment plan option that will allow you to make payments for a small additional fee.

What are the requirements? You do not need to have a social security number to apply for the training. Students need a valid email address and be at least 18 years of age or older. Students can use a phone or computer to take the training.

Do you offer job placement assistance? Yes, the training covers professionalism and job search tips. You will also be provided a student completion package along with your certificate that include helpful career resources. Please note, requirements may vary for each agency or employer.

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Next Training Begins March 9th

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✓ Flexible Self Paced Training (10 Hours)

✓ Newborn Care Essentials Package

✓ Instructor Review and Support

✓ Infant CPR Included

✓ Official Newborn Essentials Certificate

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