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Manual-Based Program Instructor Training and Program Licensing Process

The positive results for parents and caregivers worldwide who have received ICT's approved newborn, infant and toddler training programs are endless. The success of our programs is also due to the dedication of our licensed instructors worldwide who believe they can encourage quality care outcomes by teaching families and caregivers the best and latest practices in newborn and nanny care.  


Our ICT Family of Instructors is growing around the world and we look forward to connecting at our annual conventions (in development)!



The manual-based ICT program curriculums include Newborn Care Specialist Training, New Baby & Me! Parenting Class, Professional Nanny Master Class and Baby Sleep Training Specialist.  Our certification programs can be delivered by teachers, nurses, doctors, psychologists, counselors, and social workers who have completed the ICT instructor training and program licensing process. 


Instructor Training and Program Licensing is now conveniently included when you purchase one or more of the ICT Manual-based Program Packages. And the new Instructor Online Training Webinar allows you to fulfill the training requirements when it's convenient for your schedule (all training must be completed before delivering the program). The online training can be completed in one week at your own pace, followed by a basic testing assessment.


Once the training has been completed, the only other requirement is to perform a Practice Program Delivery for each program selected with two or more non-paying participants.  So when it comes time to deliver the program, you will be familiar and comfortable with the process and material.

The Instructor Training and Program Licensing process has just three steps:


Step 1: Successful completion of the ICT Instructor Online Training (for each program you would like to be licensed to teach).


Step 2: Completion of one Practice Program Delivery session and submission of the Practice Delivery Results Form.


Step 3: Review of results by ICT administration and delivery of Certificate of Completion and Program Delivery License.


Additional Details:


Step 1. The ICT Instructor Online Training  (1-week program) can be taken at any time and is self-paced.  It includes a test assessment to verify understanding of the basic elements of the program. A passing score of 80% or greater is required in order to deliver the programs and order student manuals. The training module can be viewed and test taken as many times as desired in order to achieve a passing score.


Step 2. The Practice Program Delivery session can be performed at any time, but must be completed prior to licensing and delivery of any ICT program. The purpose of this exercise is to provide practice delivering the program with at least two “typical" participants prior to delivering it to paying students/parents. 


The practice delivery can include one or multiple sessions and can be performed over a few consecutive days. For practice purposes, you may train friends of the family but we ask that you do not train people who reside within your household.  


Once the Practice Program Delivery session has been completed, submit a Practice Delivery Results Form (will be emailed to registered instructors), providing the following information:


  • Names, Addresses, Phone Numbers and Ages of Participants

  • General feedback about the program and instructor

  • Your own feedback/questions regarding teaching the programs

  • Date of completion


Step 3. After the form is reviewed by a ICT Administrator, a Certificate of Completion and Program Delivery License will be mailed to you. This authorizes you to deliver the program and order student manuals for the length of the purchased program license. The Program Delivery License is valid for one year and applies only to the instructor listed on the certificate. The Program Delivery License must be renewed each year. 


Also, since we license the instructor and not the facility, you can take the Delivery License with you  and continue to deliver the programs even if you change jobs. Don't forget to notify us of any email changes so we can stay in contact!


Important: To monitor the success of the program, we will be following up with you in approximately one year to gather some basic information and feedback, including data on how many families and caregivers received ICT training programs and any suggestions for improvements are always helpful as we continue to grow and improve our programs to meet the needs of our participants.

Licensing applies to programs only and not to the instructor's delivering the programs. ICT Academy is not responsible for any issues associated with or resulting from instructors' delivery of our programs.  Please contact us if you have any issues or concerns with an instructor using our licensed training programs.


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