**Newborn Infant Care Specialist Master Class**

Complete Baby Care Certificate Training - NCS + ICS

Become a Professional NCS and ICS - For Nannies & Baby Nurses

Award-Winning Baby Care Training, Coaching & Certification Program

Marriott Conference Center- New York City, NYC- Sat & Sun January 26 & 27th, 2019

**Two-Day Fun and Comprehensive Newborn and Infant Care (0-12 mos) Training Workshop**

Each component of ICT Academy's Baby Master Class 0-12 months Training Course Curriculum and instructors are approved by various healthcare and wellness organizations including Health & Safety, ARC, International Newborns and more. The classes are taught by devoted and well liked child care educators, certified teachers and medical professionals. Striving to bring improvement to early childhood education and baby development, this is an excellent opportunity to those who will care for newborns and young infants and want formal training.  The training covers a comprehensive variety of topics from Infant Health & Safety to caring for Fussy Babies to Sleep Training.  Students will learn newborn baby care essentials including bathing, diapering, breastfeeding, swaddling, infant speech, infant sign language, weaning, multiples care (twins), understanding baby cries, healthy sleeping and eating patterns and lots more. Join us for a lively and informative jam packed day of instructor led activities, instruction, demonstrations and hands on practice sessions.   


"This class was AMAZING!  The instructors were very good and I learned a lot about baby care.  It wasn't boring I'm already using the information that I learned to provide better infant care! "

ICT Student 


Saturday & Sunday

Jan. 26th & 27th

 9:00a - 5:00p


Baby Master Class including Newborn & Infant Care Specialist

0-12 Months Infant Care Class

*Includes Infant CPR*




Installment Plan Available:

1st Investment - $475

2nd Investment - $475


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Marriott Conference Center

East 52nd Street

New York, NY 10022

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Register Online OR Call (212) 203-4169

Pay in Full $897 or make a deposit of $475 by credit or debit card now to register and the balance of $475 will be payable one week before class begins.



Baby Care Master Class

Newborn Infant Care Specialist (NCS/ICS) Certificate w/Infant CPR

Student Completion Assessment

Student Package, Materials & Resources



18 years of age or older

Photo Identification (State ID, License or Passport)

Don't miss this great opportunity to become a Certified Newborn Care Specialist (NCS) and Infant Care Specialist (ICS).  This Complete Baby Care Training is Perfect for Nannies & Baby Nurses. 

Advance Your Career & Network with Top Care Professionals & Career Placement Specialist!

**Giveaways, Refreshments, Career Advice, Success Tips, Product Discounts & More!!**


Newborn Infant Specialist Master Class (0-12m)

 Curriculum Overview

  • Newborn and Infant Health, Safety and Wellness

  • Newborn Characteristics & Development

  • Establishing a Routine & Sleep Training Prep 

  • Essentials of Newborn and Infant Care

  • How to Bathe Baby - Sponge vs Tub Bath

  • Bottle & Breastfeeding Know-How

  • Weaning Baby and Starting Solids

  • Postpartum Depression

  • Diapering Baby Properly

  • Infant Sign Language Basics

  • Understanding Poop & Pee

  • Sterilization and Cleanliness

  • Safe & Peaceful Sleep Environment

  • When to Call the Doctor

  • Handouts/Booklets & Resources

  • Understanding Newborn and Infant Cues & Responding to Them

  • Common Methods & Philosophies

  • Developing and Recording Baby's Schedule

  • Newborn Swaddling Techniques & Benefits

  • Coping with Separation Anxiety

  • Crying & Responding to Baby Effectively

  • Umbilical Stump and Circumcision Care Procedures

  • Calming a Fussy Baby and Understanding Colic

  • SIDS, Acid Reflux, Shaken Baby Syndrome

  • Coping with common cold and Infant Illness

  • When & How to Begin Sleep Training

  • Popular Methods & Techniques

  • Multiples Care - Twins/ Triplet Care Training

  • Caring for Preemies & Sleep Apnea

  • Infant-Directed Speech

  • Supporting Baby Fine and Gross Motor Skills

  • Common Newborn Special Needs Care

  • Newborn and Infant Development

  • Baby Communication & Cries

  • Understanding Postpartum Depression

  • Common Baby Care Questions Answered

  • and More...


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