On behalf of all of our dedicated staff, educators, advisors and healthcare practitioners, we want to welcome you to ICT Academy where quality childcare is number one.  The Infant & Childcare Training Academy's goal is that every caregiver has the tools and resources needed to provide excellent care to our deserving children, giving them the best start in life.  Whether you are new to childcare or have tons of experience, we believe you can never learn too much and you can never learn enough.  Whether you're switching careers, advancing in skills or caring for your own precious child, we offer programs that have helped thousands!


Meeting the Specialized and Important Training Needs of

Dedicated Caregivers and Parents Worldwide!

We offer a variety of programs that are constantly updated to meet the

ever-changing and evolving industry standards.  We understand the challenges

faced by caregivers since babies and children are not born with instructions,

we also understand the need for more focused professional development for

nannies, newborn care providers, and other private care providers.  

At Nanny Care Academy our programs offer:


  • Flexibility in learning, with the ability to take classes on-site or online.

  • Affordable programs, allowing all students to benefit from top notch training.

  • Student services, providing helpful resources and tools for students.

  • Interactive online multi-media training and full access to instructors.

  • Skilled and experienced educators in the childcare and healthcare fields.

  • Materials and certificates to confirm your training credentials.



We Encourage You to Get Started Today!

With quality childcare needs on the rise, it has never been a better time to take advantage of a quality training program.  There will always be a need for reliable top-notch care and studies have already proven the significant benefits that quality care has on young children.



ICT Administration Affiliations and Organizational Partnerships

  • ARC, American Red Cross (CPR Training)

  • Child Care Education Association

  • International Newborn Care Association

  • Association of Nursing Care

  • Association of Child Resource and Referral Agencies

  • Child Care Alliances and Memberships throughout USA

  • Infant Sign Language Association

  • Happy Baby Program

  • Infant Massage Association

  • SUNY Early Child Development Programs



Guarantee and Disclaimer

Nanny Care Academy Training Programs is for educational purposes only. Caregiver and newborn care parenting classes should only be represented as educational classes. This program and training can not take the place of medical advice or professional help. Students should never misrepresent themselves as therapists or counselors by taking our training programs.  Students completing all elements of a course successfully will receive certification as either an Infant/Newborn Care Specialist, Nanny Professional, STAR Child Care Certificate or Licensed Program Instructor.  

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