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Module One

Introduction to Newborn Care


Preparing a Baby Friendly Environment at Home


Newborn Characteristics


Holding and Handling


Understanding Baby's

Cries and Cues


Comfort, Soothing and Swaddling Baby


Newborn Brain Development and

Age Appropriate Toys

Module Two

All About Newborn Feeding




Bottle Feeding and Formula


Feeding Schedule and Expectations


Storing and Cleaning


Burping Baby

Record Keeping


Preparing for Sleep Training


Developing Routines

Module Three

All About Newborn Sleep


Newborn Sleep Cycles and Sleep States

Beginning Newborn Sleep Training


Diapering Baby and Monitoring Pee and Poo


Bathing Newborn

Sponge Bath and Tub Bath


Challenges with Newborn Sleep Training


Monitoring Sleep Patterns and Transitions


Module Four

Infant CPR and Safety


Baby Growth and Developmental Milestones


Twins and Multiples Care


Sibling Adjustments


Driving & Car Seat Safety


Coping with Baby Separation Anxiety


Caring for Common Newborn Infant illnesses


Baby Sign Language


Colic, Reflux, SIDS, etc.

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Newborn Infant & Child Care 

Specialist Master Class (Online)

 *Includes Infant and Child CPR*

Students will receive two Certificates



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The Newborn Care Specialist and Child Care Specialist Certification program is an intense program with two sets of 4-module segmentss and consists of interactive online/video based training, home study and practicum training.  You can begin the program within only 24 hours after registering.  Students can print their temporary certificate immediately upon completion and will receive their official student certificates and booklet in the mail.  Students may go at their own pace and will have 10 days to complete the training.

*All Students will have access to contact an approved instructor for all training questions*

Part One - Newborn Infant Care Specialist Modules


Part Two - Child Care Specialist Modules


Module One

Intro to Child Care Today Flexibility & Responsibility


Child Development



Play and Learning


Role of a Quality Caregiver


Parent-Caregiver Relationships


Separation Anxiety


Fine and Gross Motor


Social Development




Module Two

Child Care Health & Wellness


Child Pediatric CPR and First Aid


Bath Time, Handwashing & Teeth Brushing


Car Seat & Driving Safety


Common Illnesses and Remedies


Indoor/Outdoor Safety


Naptime and Bedtime


Handling Emergencies

Module Three

Toddler Care & Developmental Milestones


Making Reading Fun


Happenings as Teaching Opportunities


Ten Steps to Successful Potty Training


Reducing and Coping with Temper Tantrums


Discipline and Behavior


Time and Schedule Management


Caring for Multiples and Varying Age Groups

Module Four

School Age Care and Meaningful Connection


Before and Afterschool


The Use of Technology


Supervising Play Dates


Preparing Nutritional Meals


Being a Role Model and Child Leader


Supervising and Assisting with Homework


Adjusting to Meet Changing Needs as Children Grow

Online Students will Receive a Confirmation Email within 24 Hours after Registering.

"I was worried about taking the class online, but I'm so glad I did!  The videos and instruction was so informative and I was able to go back and review a topic if needed.  The convenience of completing the course right away at home was very helpful and I was able to print my temporary certificate for job interview immediately! "  Marie, ICT Online Student 


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