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Multiples & Preemie Care Certificate Course

Twins and Triplets are on the rise and it can be a rewarding and challenging job.  Often multiples are born early which comes with a unique set of challenges.  With this increased risk of being born premature, it is important for caregivers to understand the special care multiples will need to thrive. Learn how to care for multiples including newborn infants. Students will learn the unique care techniques and strategies that are particularly unique to multiples. 

This course is great for newborn infant caregivers who would like care for or specialize in twins and triplet newborn care.  The multiples care and preemie care training includes a certification and reference material.  You can use this training as an expansion of your current newborn infant care knowledge or add this as an additional service offered for families who exclusively need multiples and/or preemie care support.

Twins, Multiples & Preemie Care Certificate Course

Specialized Multiples Care Training.

Specialize in Caring for Twins, Triplets and Premature Newborn Infants.

Multiples are definitely more work but they are so cute and I love it!  Once you know what you are doing and how to manage twins and triplets, you will see that it isn't as difficult as you imagine.  

- Maria, Certified Newborn Care Specialist (NCS) and Multiples Care Specialist (MCS)

Enroll Now and Begin Within 24 Hours

Multiples Care Class Training Topics

The Multiples Care Specialist Training program prepares you for twins, triplet, higher order multiples and preemie care.


  • Introduction to Caring for Multiple Infants

  • Tandem Feeding

  • Bottle and Breastfeeding Twins and Triplets

  • Basic Special Needs Newborn Care

  • Preemie Newborn Care 

  • Multiples and Sleep

  • Identical and Fraternal Multiples

  • Multiples Feeding

  • Respiratory Concerns

  • Preventing Infections

  • Challenges of Multiples Care

  • Developing Healthy Routines

  • Safety with Preemie and Multiples Care

  • Do's and Don'ts of Multiples Care

  • Balancing Individual Time

  • Multiples and Self-Care

  • Multiples FAQ's

  • Certificate and Reference Materials

multiples care specialist preemie traini

Student Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the Multiples Care Training Certification Requirements?

    • Upload or submit a valid photo ID to verify Identity and Name

    • Students must have a valid email address

    • Complete all online modules, course content and video instruction

    • Successfully complete module quizzes and retake any failed results

  • How Long is the Online Training?

    • The online Twins, Multiples and Preemie Training Program is a mini-course that allows students up to one week to complete the program at your own pace, however, it is possible to complete within a few hours.  You will be able to log-in and out of the course at your own convenience. 

  • Is Everything Included in the Cost?

    • Yes! Our courses are all-inclusive and include your Training, Multiples Care Resources and Certification.

  • Who Should Take the Multiples Newborn Infant Care Course?

    • The Multiples Training Course is recommended for those who are already trained in newborn care and plan to work closely with twin newborns, premature babies or higher order multiples including triplets, quads and up.  Our students include Newborn Care Specialists, Doulas, Nannies and Caregivers.  We recommend students take Newborn Care Specialist Certificate Course advanced program if you would like a well-rounded training and certification in Newborn Care, Baby Sleep and Multiples & Preemie Care.  This course is included in the Newborn Care Specialist Advanced Program.

  • When Will I Receive My Certificate?

    • Students will be able to print a temporary certificate immediately upon completion of the multiples care specialist class training course. Students will also receive their official certificate and reference material within one week, shipped to the mailing address provided when you register.

  • How Do I Register?

    • Register easily online and pay with a credit or debit card. Once your registration is processed, you will receive an email confirmation within 1 day or less. Register early as classes fill up in advance.  Online registration is secure but you may also call the registration office to register during normal business hours at (866) 771-3181.


Multiples and Preemie Training Course
(Twins, Multiples & Preemie Care)

One-Week Self-Paced Online Training.  Register and Begin Within 24hours.

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