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Best Newborn Care Specialist Certification Course Online

Newborn Care Specialist Master Course

Become a Professional Newborn Care Specialist and Earn Your Master Certificate to Helping New Parents with their Precious New Baby.


Advance Your Baby Care Skills, Career and Rates with Master Newborn Care Certification

This dynamic and comprehensive online course equips you with everything you need to excel as a Newborn Care Specialist.

  • Master the Essentials: Learn infant development, simple baby massage, formula & breastfeeding support, bathing, swaddling, and gentle sleep training techniques and more.

  • Become a Baby Whisperer: Discover techniques to soothe fussy babies and build healthy baby sleep routines.

  • Support New Parents: Develop strong communication skills to build trust and offer emotional support.

  • Understand Baby Talk: Learn the basics of baby language and communication cues.

  • Baby Care Safety: Master safe sleep practices, infant CPR & choking hazards, and know when to seek medical care.

  • Infant Development: Foster early play and understand key milestones in the first 6 months.

  • Newborn Challenges: Learn to cope with reflux, colic, and other common issues.

  • Advanced Care Skills: Gain techniques with caring for twins and late-term preemies.

  • Career Success: Get access to career resources, interview tips, and job search guidance

Earn 2 official certificates: Newborn Specialist Master and Baby Sleep Training

Ready to advance your career and credentials? Enroll today in our upcoming session and receive your Student Care Package shipped to your home.

Boost Your Career and Start Your Newborn Care Specialist Journey Today! 

Newborn Care Specialist Certification Co
  • Master newborn care on your schedule with hands-on materials and earn approved career-boosting certificates. Complete your training at your own pace with engaging online training and materials.

  • Become a confident newborn care specialist with expert guidance and job-landing resources. Our Instructors will review your activities and answer any questions you have.

  • Flexible learning with 24/7 access - everything you need to launch or grow your rewarding newborn care career. Informative, up-to-date and practical learning for both beginners and experienced caregivers!

Student Success Stories:
Transforming Lives Through Newborn Care

Baby Nurse Student Certification Newborn Specialist.jpg

Master Newborn Care Specialist

"Thank you so much for this training, I learned so much in the Newborn Specialist Master Course online and my certificate is very impressive to clients and very helpful to my career!"

Newborn Care Specialist Training Online Course

Infant Nanny Professional

"I enjoyed this training so much and will surely use what I learned for many years to come!  I have experience but this training has taken it to the next level - thank you ICT!"

Newborn Specialist Baby Nurse Training Class Certification with ICT Academy Online and New

Travel Nanny & Newborn Specialist

"This training was such a good decision!  ICT gave me the confidence and advice on applying for agencies and I was able to apply my skills right away!"

Enroll Today to Join Our Next Online Class 
Begins June 1st

Register now to receive your Student Care Package

✓ Flexible Self Paced Training

✓ Newborn Care Master Package

✓ Instructor Review and Support

✓ Infant CPR Included

✓ Newborn Specialist Master Certificate

+ Baby Sleep Certificate

*NEW* Master Students Receive an Official Academy Badge to Feature on Resume/Bio/Online

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Student FAQ's

How much does the training cost?
The Newborn Master Course is $1497 and includes all of your materials, Newborn Master Certificate, Infant CPR and Baby Sleep Training Certificate.  Payment Plans are available if you are unable to pay in full.  You can view payment options on our Registration Page.

How long is the Newborn Care Specialist course?
The Newborn Specialist Master Course typically takes our students about 15-20 hours to complete at your own pace .  You will access to log in to your training at anytime, so you can complete the training over a few days or you can take your time over a few weeks.

What are the requirements to register?
We require that our students be at least 18 years of age or older and have a valid photo ID document such as a passport or State ID - something that can verify your name and identity.  

Is this training valid where I live?
Yes, ICT Academy | Infant Care Training is a Nationwide Childcare Educational Organization in the nanny, newborn care / baby nurse, and childcare career training since 2008.  You can use your training throughout the USA and various countries worldwide.

How does the online course work?
Great question!  The online course is easy to access and is very engaging.  You can log into the online training program at anytime of day and go at your own pace.  It consists of training videos, activities, demonstrations, testing and more.  You can complete your course as soon as you would like.  You can easily access your training on a smart phone, tablet or laptop.

What certificates are included in the NCS Master Course?
Upon completion of your training, you will receive a Newborn Care Specialist Masterclass Certificate and a Baby Sleep Training Foundations Certificate.  For the Dual Bundle Program, you will receive the Newborn Specialist, Baby Sleep, and Infant/Toddler Professional Certificate for a total of (3).  These options are available on the Registration page.

When will I receive my certificate package?
Your official certificate package will be shipped after completion of your training.  Our instructor team will review your activities and provide you with feedback.  You can send an email to inquire at any time.

Do you offer job placement assistance? 
ICT Academy training programs prepare our students for career success and our students have high employment success rate. 

Our curriculum is designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge employers seek in nannies and newborn caregivers. With our top-rated reputation and nationwide network, our students have landed jobs with agencies, organizations, and families across the country. We maintain partnerships and affiliations with industry leaders to keep our students up to date on the requirements of the job market.

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