Become a Trained and Certified Newborn Care Specialist (NCS) also referred to as a Baby Nurse.  Learn new and approved Newborn Care Techniques in one of our most popular programs, available online anywhere. This course is suitable for nannies, baby nurses and caregivers alike.

Newborn Care Specialist 'Baby Nurse'

Master Class (Online)



Babies don't come with an instruction manual but this class can serve as one for new and expecting parents and grand parents alike.  Learn the musk-know essentials of providing top-notch care for your new baby in this jam packed newborn care parenting class.


New Baby & Me  - Baby Care Essentials 

Parenting Class (Online)



Want to learn how to become the most sort after newborn specialist (baby nurse) in this field?  Would you like to market yourself, advance your skills and professionalism in this industry?  Learn tips and techniques for being the very best, understanding what families really want and communicating effectively to get the jobs you want and grow in this specialized field. This course is for students who have already taken the Newborn Specialist Master Class.

The Business of Baby Nursing

(For Newborn Specialist Professionals)



Become a Trained and Certified Child Care Specialist (CCS) and learn how to support the important developmental stages of children from older infants, toddlers and school age children.  This course is jam packed with exciting up to date child care techniques, suitable for professional nannies and caregivers worldwide.

Child Care Specialist Master Class for

 Professional Nannies & Caregivers  (Online)




Become a Sleep Training Specialist and learn to be a baby whisperer, with the ability to soothe and get a baby to easily sleep through the night while developing a healthy and consistent routine.  Specialize in Sleep Training or add this training skill and certification to your experience.

Baby Sleep Training Specialist 




This is not your typical CPR course, this training is specific to child care providers including nannies, babysitters, baby nurses, daycare providers, parents, grandparents and more!  Learn the care related CPR and Choking needs for infants from birth and children up to 12 years of age.  Learn the important safety features including indoor/outdoor safety, food safety, car seat safety and more!

Infant & Child CPR + Safety Course




Become both a Trained and Certified Newborn Care Specialist (NCS) AND Child Care Specialist (CCS) for less and learn to skillfully care for children from newborn and up.  Learn techniques for both the Newborn Specialist Class and Child Care Nanny Master Class and have a comprehensive and well-rounded training in all ages. 

*BEST VALUE* Newborn AND Child Care Specialist Master Classes  (Online)




Become a Multiples Care Specialist and learn to care for twins, triplets and multiples of all sorts.  There is a unique set of skills and techniques for caring for multiples and more and more families are bringing home more than one bundle of joy!  This training will help you advance your knowledge in infant multiples care.

Multiples Care Specialist




Are you passionate about newborn infant child care and/or parenting?  Are you ambitious and interested in turning your career into a profitable business?  Become a licensed Newborn Infant Care Instructor and teach caregivers and parents the quality skills fundamental to excellent care.Take your child care, nursing or teaching career to another level.

Instructor Training and Certification

Teach Newborn Infant Care OR Nanny Care


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February 15, 2020

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June 13, 2020

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