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Newborn Care Specialist Master Training

In-Person Workshop in NYC
Saturday, May 18th 

For childcare professionals aspiring to excel in newborn care and advance their careers, our in-person training event is the ultimate opportunity to specialize in this field, preparing you to provide exceptional newborn care (baby nurse) services.


The Best In-Person Newborn Specialist Training Experience

Advance Your Baby Career with our Top-Rated Newborn Specialist Master Certificate Training

This exclusive in-person training workshop offers practical newborn care career training in an interactive and engaging learning environment. Secure your spot today to join us in New York City for the best newborn specialist (baby nurse) certificate training nationwide. Space is limited and this program is only offered a few times each year.

We look forward to meeting you soon!

Date: Saturday, MAY 18th 9:30am-5:30pm

Location: Marriott Conference Center (Manhattan NYC)

Includes: Newborn Care Specialist Master Training, Official NCS Master Certificate, Baby Sleep Safety Certificate, Infant CPR, Materials and much more!

Total Cost: $1997 

Registration: Space is Limited, Register Early to Secure Your Spot for the May class Register Now

Here's What You Can Expect at Our In-Person
Newborn Care Specialist Certificate Training Workshop

  • Newborn Development Mastery: Identify the stages of newborn development, exploring milestones from birth to six months. This hands-on training program will immerse you in understanding and observing the most important areas of early infant growth.

  • Specialized Care Practices:  Master quality care techniques through hands-on practice. Attend to babies, with proper feeding, swaddling, bathing, sleeping and nurturing techniques. Respond to baby's needs and cues, creating a nurturing environment for newborns to thrive.

  • Newborn Feeding Techniques and Support:  Expand your expertise with personalized support from our experienced instructors. Learn proper feeding techniques, including breastfeeding support, twins care, and solutions to address feeding challenges.

  • Health Monitoring: Understand how to assess a baby's overall well-being. Identify concerns, illnesses, and how to cope with common challenges such as colic and reflux. 

  • Newborn Calming Techniques and Massage Essentials: Learn soothing techniques and basic newborn care massage essentials to support the well-being of newborns.

  • Early Infant Play and Engagement: Learn the activities that strengthen emotional connections between caregivers and newborns. Understand how a baby's brain works.

  • Sleep Training and Safe Sleep Habits: Gain comprehensive insights into safe newborn sleep. Practice gentle techniques for sleep training and establishing healthy habits.

  • Professional Communication and New Parent Support: Develop better communication skills with parents.  Prepare for challenges with confidence and empathy.

  • Emergency Preparedness and Professionalism: Participate in hands-on sessions, including Infant CPR review and handling emergencies specific to newborns. 

  • Career Acceleration Resources and Guidance: Access personalized career resources and guidance. Participate in job preparedness training and receive valuable tips.

  • Certificates of Mastery: Receive two official certificates - the Newborn Specialist Master Certificate and the Baby Sleep Foundations Certificate, validating your professionalism.

  • Ages Birth to 6 Months Care: Experience practical care for early infants through hands-on activities. Equip yourself with a specialized skill set to nurture and support infants during this important developmental phase.

This comprehensive and accelerated In-Person Master Course is designed to build upon the foundational Essentials program, providing seasoned childcare professionals with an advanced skill set and specialized knowledge. Our expert instructors are committed to empowering you to excel in your career as a Newborn Care Specialist through personalized support, practical training, and engaging activities.

ICT Academy Review Newborn Care Speciali

Newborn Specialist, Baby Biz Owner

"ICT Academy is the best! Obtaining my Master NCS certification has been incredibly rewarding. Within a week of completing the course, I was already working and it has opened doors to work with beautiful newborns and their families!"

The Best In Person Newborn Care Specialist Certification Workshop NYC ICT Academy.jpg

Newborn Care and Twins Specialist

"I was referred to ICT Academy by a reputable nanny agency and it was a great decision.  The training and the instructors were so great and informative.  It has really taken my childcare career to the next level!"

baby nurse master class training certification_nyc ict academy.jpg

Infant Nanny and Postpartum Doula

"Oh my gosh! The ICT Training was soo good, I'm already telling all my friends about it because this was the best training I've ever had and was such a great experience!"

This Training Program is
PERFECT for you if:

✅ You're a nanny, newborn specialist / baby nurse, daycare worker, or aspiring caregiver, and you're ready to turn your love of babies into a specialized career.

✅ You're looking to advance in your newborn care or nanny profession, aiming to offer specialized services.

✅ You've new to newborn care but know that you love babies and want to offer skilled support to new parents.

If any of these scenarios sound like you, you're in the right place to boost your career in newborn care.

Student FAQ's

What are the dates, time and location of the in-person training event? The NCS Certification Workshop will be held on Saturday, May 18th, 2024 in the heart of NYC in a conference center in Manhattan NY. Exact directions will be provided to enrolled students.

How much does it cost to attend? The Newborn Care Specialist Master Training and Certificate Workshop is a $1,997 investment. You can pay in full or make payments for an additional fee. The In-Person Program is an exclusive opportunity that offers practical training and support to accelerate your career.

What is included in the registration fee? Your registration includes complete Master Course training, Newborn Care Master Certificate, Baby Sleep Certificate and CPR, as well as your course materials, activities, testing and resources.

Do you offer job placement assistance? Yes, while we are not an employment agency, our certificate courses set you up for success in the newborn specialist and nanny field, and our advanced courses focus on professionalism and job resources to get started. Our graduates are hired by agencies and families nationwide! Please note, requirements may vary for each agency or employer.

Is there a payment plan option? Yes, if you are unable to pay in full, there is a payment plan available that will allow you make payments for a small fee.

How do I register and reserve my spot? Click on the Registration link and enroll into the course. Spots are limited so early registration is highly recommended. Invest in your future and sign up today!

Spots are Limited for the In-Person 'Baby Nurse' Training
Register Today to Join Us on Saturday, May 18th

To Begin Sooner, See Our Online Newborn Master Course

✓ Exclusive In-Person Newborn Specialist Master Training (Baby Nurse Course)

✓ Newborn Care Master Materials

✓ Expert Training and Career Support

✓ Infant CPR Included

✓ Newborn Specialist Master Certificate

+ Baby Sleep Foundations Certificate

✓ Join us in NYC for a Fun and Informative Training Experience, Advance Your Career and Become a Professional Newborn Care Specialist!

*Students Welcome Nationwide*

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