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The Outstanding Feedback from our Newborn Specialist Baby Nurse Students Keep us Going Year after Year!



"My friend told me about the classes and how I should take it, I'm so glad I did.  It was a great class, very informative and fun.  The instructors are really good and very helpful.  I know that I will be a better nanny and advance myself in child care because of this course!" (Jasmattie, ICT Student Baby Nurse)


"Even though you may have lots of experience, you should never stop learning...this was the best class ever, I can't wait to take more classes with ICT - thank you!"  (Sylvia, ICT Student Baby Nurse)


"Thank you very much for the course I have learnt a lot of things which I didn't know even though I'm already a mother of a 6 yrs daughter and works as a nanny.  I found the course to be well organized, fun and I'm looking forward for the next course."

-Caroline (Switzerland, Online Newborn Specialist Student)


"I have learnt alot from taking this course and the material was very understanding. I will be able to use lots of the information when caring for a newborn. Thank you so much for all the information and help. I will return to learn more. "

-Michaela F. (Newborn Care Specialist Master Class)



"Thank you soo much!  The nanny class online was great, it was the best only class I've ever taken."

-Jennifer, NY (Professional Nanny Student)



"It was easy to understand the material. I will use all of the information i have learned. the topic i enjoyed most was Shaken Baby Syndrome."

-Veronica (NCS student)



"I really enjoyed the class.  My instructors were great and I learned a lot, I am going to tell all my friends to take the class also."




"I am glad that there is a training like this out there and I think it should be a requirement for all nannies to take this training course."

-Sandra, Nanny Student


"Thank you guys for the work that you do, my nanny really enjoyed the class and I can see the difference already in her interaction with our children."

- Betty Levinsky, Family


"I can see the difference that having a certificate makes, I'm getting a lot more interest from families now because they know I take childcare seriously and that this is my profession."

-Carol B. (Nanny & Newborn Care Student)


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