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Newborn & Infant-Toddler Specialist Advanced Certificate Program

The ultimate infant care specialized certificate training program for care professionals who want to specialize in infant care at all levels.  Advance your career with our advanced program for Newborn, Infant & Toddler Care Specialists. Offer variety of services to families with children ages 0-3 years.

Specialize in Infant Care from Birth to 3

Earn Multiple Certificates in Early Childcare

The Newborn and Infant-Toddler Care Specialist Master Course goes beyond the topics covered in the Essentials or Masters course and extends to care beyond the newborn phase into older infant and toddler care stages as well. 

Infant and Child Development Mastery: Delve deeper into all stages of infant care development stages and explore developmental milestones from birth to 3 years.

Specialized Care Practices: Master quality care techniques in attending to baby, bathing,  and cultivating an optimal environment for newborns, including twins and late-term preemies.

Feeding Techniques and Stages: Expand your expertise with specialized feeding methods, including breastfeeding support, multiples care (twins, triplets), and addressing feeding from newborn and up to the introduction of solids and beyond.

Health Monitoring: Acquire skills in observing baby's overall well being, early detection of illnesses, specialized care for preemies, and strategies for fostering their development.

Infant Comfort Techniques and Massage Essentials: Learn advanced soothing techniques, including specialized newborn care massage essentials, for calming and supporting the well-being of newborns.

Early Infant Play and Engagement: Explore approaches to strengthen emotional connections between caregivers and infants, understanding how baby and toddler brains work.

Sleep Training and Safe Sleep Habits: Gain comprehensive insights into baby sleep patterns and gentle techniques for sleep training, establishing healthy sleep habits from birth and up.

Professional Communication and New Parent Support: Develop better communication skills with parents, offering loving support, and managing challenges with confidence and empathy.

Emergency Preparedness and Professionalism: Expand your knowledge with Infant and Child CPR review, handling emergencies specific to newborns and infants, and understanding when immediate professional medical care may be required.

Career Acceleration Resources and Guidance: Access a comprehensive career resources guide, specialized interviewing techniques, NCS resume templates, and valuable career guidance to elevate your standing in the newborn and infant care industry.

Certificates of Mastery: Upon completion, earn official certificates - the Dual Newborn and Infant Toddler Care Specialist Master Certificate and the Baby Sleep Training Certificate validating your formal skills and expertise in baby care.

Ages Birth to 3 Years Care: Learn practical care for early infants from birth to twelve months, equipping yourself with a specialized skill set to nurture and support infants during this important developmental phase.

This all-inclusive Bundle Course builds upon the foundational Essentials program and the Master Newborn program, providing seasoned childcare professionals with an advanced skill set and specialized knowledge up to 3 years of age, allowing you to support families for longer periods of time and take on newborn care and nanny roles.

This Training Program is
PERFECT for you if:

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✅ You're a Nanny, Caregiver or have some childcare experience and you're ready to advance your career in baby care.

✅ You want a flexible certificate that prepares you for specialized in skills in both newborn and infant care, allowing you to qualify for a variety of job opportunities.

✅ You're ready to take your career more seriously and build your infant care skills, career and business.

Baby Nurse Student Certification Newborn Specialist.jpg

Master Newborn Care Specialist

"Thank you so much for this training, I learned so much in the Newborn Specialist Master Course online and my certificate is very impressive to clients and very helpful to my career!"

Newborn Care Specialist Training Online Course

Infant Nanny Professional

"I enjoyed this training so much and will surely use what I learned for many years to come!  I have experience but this training has taken it to the next level - thank you ICT!"

Newborn Specialist Baby Nurse Training Class Certification with ICT Academy Online and New

Travel Nanny & Newborn Specialist

"This training was such a good decision!  ICT gave me the confidence and advice on applying for agencies and I was able to apply my skills right away!"

Student FAQ's

What are the dates of the next online training session? The next training begins April 27th, 2024, and you can complete the training according to your own schedule. The Dual Program usually takes 20-30 hours to complete. When you register you will receive a detailed confirmation email and your student training package will be shipped.

How much does the Newborn and Infant Specialist Program Cost? Everything is included. The Advanced Training is now only $1997 and includes your advanced training, student package, materials and certificates in Newborn and Infant Care Mastery and Baby Sleep. Payment Plans are available.

How long is the Advanced Dual Course? The Dual Newborn & Infant-Toddler Specialist Master Course is a 4-week self paced program and the training, activities and assessments can usually be completed within 20-30 hours or less.

Is there a payment plan option? Yes, if you're unable to pay in full, there is a payment plan option that will allow you to make payments for a small additional fee.

What are the requirements? Do I need to complete the Essentials training first? No, you do not need to complete the Essentials training before taking the Advanced course. The Newborn & Infant Specialist Training is a more comprehensive training that extends to newborns up to toddlers. There are no educational requirements to apply for the training. You do not need to provide your SSN. You need a valid email address and be at least 18 years of age or older. Students can use a phone, tablet or computer to take the training.

Do you offer job placement assistance? Yes, the training covers professionalism and job search tips. You will also be provided a student completion package along with your certificate that include helpful career resources. Please note, requirements may vary for each agency or employer.

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Next Training Begins April 27th

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✓ Flexible Self Paced Training

✓ Newborn Infant Care Master Package

✓ Instructor Review and Support

✓ Infant & Child CPR Included

✓ Newborn, Infant-Toddler Specialist Master Certificate + Baby Sleep Certificate

✓ *NEW* Dual Students Receive an Official Academy Badge to Feature on Resume/Bio/Online

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