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Baby Sleep Training Specialist Certification Course
Please note:The Baby Sleep Course Does Not Take the Place of Newborn Care Specialist Training and is Included in the Newborn Master Class. 

Do you plan on working closely with babies?  If so, sleep training is a very important aspect of quality care for newborns and infants.  Infants need adequate sleep in order to thrive and many families lose sleep because of poor sleep habits formed after birth.  Whether you are establishing quality sleep training routines for a newborn or you are re-establishing good sleep habits for an infant who is having difficulty sleeping through the night, our Baby Sleep Training Specialist Course will give you the proven tools and techniques to easily guide baby into a lasting sleep routine.  

Sleep Training babies can be a daunting task if you don't know when to do it, how to do it, and how to overcome barriers to sleep training success.  Bad habits can easily be formed without the knowledge needed to guide a newborn from the start.  This interactive online course will guide you through the steps to successfully and gently sleep train your baby.  This baby sleep training class does not involve the cry it out method but a more holistic and natural approach to aiding a baby towards a quality rest and sleeping routine. Help the baby in your care to sleep through the night and at the same time, you'll be offering invaluable help to parents as well.

This course is great for present or future Newborn Specialists (Baby Nurses), Nannies, Postpartum Doulas and New Parent Consultants who would like to add more value to their clients and expand their reach in becoming a Baby Sleep Consultant.  Course registration will include access to the online training lessons, activities, assessments, handouts and official certificate. You will learn about all areas of baby sleep training as well as the business and professionalism of working with families as a Baby Sleep Specialist. You can use this training as an expansion of your current newborn infant care knowledge or add this as an additional service offered for families who exclusively need sleep training assistance.



Become a Baby Sleep Trainer and Consultant for Families.  Help Young Infants Sleep Through the Night with Safe and Gentle Sleep Training Techniques.

Next Class Begins: April 22

Advance Your Skills

Add to Previous Newborn Infant Care Training and Skills to Advance Your Career.

Sleep Training is In-Demand

Help More Families with Much-Needed Baby Sleep Support and Specialized Care Needs.

Promote a Safe & Gentle Approach

No need for baby to Cry-It-Out.  Our safe and gentle approach makes sleep training easy and natural.

After becoming a Newborn Care Specialist, I also became a Certified Sleep Training Consultant, and now my clients keep me on longer and I get all my babies to sleep through the night before I move on to my next assignment.  I now have more requests than I can take! 

Danielle, Newborn Care Specialist, Postpartum Doula, Baby Sleep Training Specialist & Consultant

Newborn Care Specialist Training

Baby Sleep Course Topics

This program is a non-medical program designed for care professionals supporting families.  This is not meant to take the palce of any medical training as it relates to sleep diagnosis. The Baby Sleep Specialist Course is a specialized newborn infant care professional development program for experienced childcare professionals or family support workers.

  • Introduction to Baby Sleep

  • 10-Steps to Sleep Training Mastery

  • Beginning Sleep Training

  • When and How to Begin

  • Baby Sleep Cues

  • Establishing Good Sleep Habits & Routines

  • Phases of Infant Sleep

  • Sleep Techniques and Tips

  • Bathing a Baby for Sleep

  • Baby Sleep Environments

  • The Gentle Sleep Approach

  • Develop a Customized Baby Sleep Plan

  • Challenges with Infant Sleep Training

  • Realistic Sleep Expectations

  • Attachments and Associations

  • Safe Newborn Infant Sleep Habits

  • Myths About Baby Sleep Training

  • Baby Sleep Safety Concerns

  • Common Sleep Methods and Terminology

  • ·Recommended Sleep Training Supplies

  • Baby Sleep Training Q&A

  • Baby Sleep Training References

  • Monitoring and Recording Baby Sleep Routines

  • Your Role as a Baby Sleep Consultant

  • Baby Sleep Training Certification and more!



Next Class Begins: April 22


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