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Advance a Career You Love as a

Newborn Care Specialist

With our Top-Rated Nationwide Newborn Care Specialist Masterclass Training and Certification Program. Transform Your Life and Career with In-Demand Baby Care Credentials.

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Take Your Nanny or Newborn Care Career to the Next-Level

Boost Your Income

Many graduates earn $300-$700+ per day, often doubling their rates after certification.

Improve Your Skills

Learn the latest newborn infant care techniques to provide excellent support to new parents.

Transform Your Career

Qualify for better opportunities and stand-out as a true professional doing work you love.

Learn In-Demand Newborn Care Professional Skills

Newborn Care Essentials

Our Newborn Care Specialist Course Modules are designed to equip you with practical skills and knowledge needed to excel in infant care. From Newborn Development, Feeding, Calming, Infant Massage to Baby Cues, we cover it all.

Baby Sleep Training 

Our expert guidance will help you master the foundations of Baby Sleep Training. You will learn effective techniques to help infants establish healthy sleep patterns and support parents in creating a peaceful bedtime routine.

Infant Health & Safety

Discover the crucial healthcare factors to keep track of your baby's well-being and be aware of typical issues. Familiarize yourself with essential Infant CPR and Choking procedures and understand when it's necessary to contact a physician for a newborn.

Parent Support

The Infant Care Training Academy provides our students with the skills and information to best support families and understand their needs. From smoothing the transition to parenthood to finding work, we have the answers.

Feeding Mastery

Master the art of feeding newborns with bottles and providing top-notch breastfeeding support to nursing mothers. Ensure your baby's optimal growth and development by learning how to establish and monitor meals with best practices.

Professional Certification

Get a formal credential and certificate in Newborn Care and Baby Sleep that is highly regarded. Our expert advice, career tips, resources, and more will help you grow professionally. Improve your skills, gain confidence, and prepare you for a successful career in infant care.

Register Today to Join Our Upcoming Session and Get Started on Your Baby Care Career Journey!

You Should Join If...

✅ You love Babies and want to specialize in doing work you enjoy.

✅ You're a Nanny or Caregiver who wants to advance your skills, career and income.


✅ You're looking for a change and want to become fully qualified to support new parents with their babies.

Join Thousands of Successful Students 

Our students are top-rated in the industry and are recruited and hired by agencies, organizations and families nationwide.

By the end of this program, you'll become a...

Professional NCS

You'll be able to add Your Official Title and Newborn Care Specialist Master Certification on Your Resume and Bio. 

What Your Tuition Covers

Dynamic Online Training

Complete newborn training with videos, quizzes, and more. Go at your own pace within 30 days or less.

Instructor Support

Submit activities to our instructor team for review and feedback.  Ask questions at any point during training.

Student Training Kit

Receive practice materials shipped to your home for hands-on activities that complement your online learning.

Official Certificates

Receive your approved certificate package upon completion of the program and activities.

Activities and Quizzes

Engage in interactive activities with real-work scenarios and end of module quizzes to test your understanding.

Career Resources

Professional guidance and resources are provided during and after the course to support your career growth.

FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

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