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Baby Sleep Training Specialist Course

Level up your expertise in newborn and infant care by learning how to assist parents and babies in creating effective sleep foundations, routines and safe sleep habits that make a real difference.

Note: This Course is Included in the Newborn Master Course.

Learn Baby Sleep Techniques for Quality Infant Care

Module I – Understanding Baby Sleep Fundamentals

  • Benefits of Sleep Training: Understand the advantages of sleep routines.

  • Sleep & Development: Understand the role of quality sleep in an infant’s growth and development.

  • Challenges in Baby Sleep: Identifying common hurdles and issues encountered during sleep patterns.

  • Establishing Good Sleep Habits: Strategies to initiate healthy sleep habits from birth.

Module II – Nurturing Newborn Sleep

  • Newborn Sleep: Understanding the basics of a newborn’s sleep cycle.

  • Sleep Quantity & Stages: Learning about recommended sleep durations and different sleep stages.

  • Differentiating Day and Night Sleep: Techniques to establish a distinction.

  • Nap time Strategies: Creating conducive environments and routines for successful nap times.

  • Preparation for Sleep Training: Setting the stage for effective sleep training.

  • Soothing a Restless Baby: Techniques for calming fussy infants.

  • Art of Swaddling: Exploring the benefits and techniques of swaddling.

Module III – Mastering Sleep Training Techniques


  • Sleep Training Strategies: Exploring popular methods and approaches.

  • Navigating Sleep Training Challenges: Overcoming obstacles and setbacks.

  • Steps to Effective Sleep Training: Practical step-by-step guidance for developing a personalized sleep plan.

  • Aligning Feeding with Sleep: How feeding patterns influence sleep.

  • Common Q&A: Addressing our students questions about baby sleep.


Module IV – Sleep Safety & Professionalism


  • Ensuring Safe Sleep Practices: Understanding Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and implementing safety measures.

  • Creating a Safe Sleep Environment: Optimizing the infant’s surroundings for secure and restful sleep.

  • Prioritizing Sleep Health: Recognizing and addressing potential sleep-related health concerns.

  • Becoming a Baby Sleep Specialist: Advancing your career in childcare with your new baby sleep training credential.  

This Training Program is
PERFECT for you if:

Baby Sleep Training Specialist Certification Course.jpg

✅ You're a caregiver, nanny or newborn specialist who would like to advance your skills in newborn sleep.

✅ You would like to learn a simple and gentle approach to baby sleep training designed for childcare professionals.

✅ You want to level up your career and learn an in-demand skill and gain a respected certificate.

Student FAQ's
Please Note: This Course is included in the Newborn Master Program. This program is recommended for Newborn Infant Caregivers.

What are the dates of the next online training session? The training is offered on-demand and you can begin within 24 hours. You can complete the training according to your own schedule during the week. When you register you will receive a confirmation email.

How much does the online baby sleep training course cost? The Baby Sleep Training Specialist course is now only $697 and includes your online training, activities, testing and official certificate package when you complete the course.

How long is the baby sleep course? The Baby Sleep Course is an easy-to-follow training that can take anywhere from 2-4 hours to complete at your own pace. You will be given one week to complete the training and activities at your own convenience.

Is there a payment plan option? No, there is no payment plan option for the baby sleep training course due to the length of the program. You will be able to complete the program within several hours.

What are the requirements? This course is recommended for caregivers who have already taken newborn care specialist training. If not, we recommend you enroll into the Newborn Master Course which includes the baby sleep training course at a discounted rate.

How does the course work? Register in advance to gain access to the online course on the next starting date. You will receive an email inviting you to begin at your convenience. You will submit activities by email for instructor review and take the end of module tests. Once you complete the course, your official certificate will be shipped.

Advance Your Baby Sleep Training Skills

✓ Flexible Self Paced Training

✓ Baby Sleep Training and Activities

✓ Instructor Review and Support

✓ Official Baby Sleep Specialist Certificate

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