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Newborn Care + Child Educator Certification

Advance your newborn and childcare career sharing early care skills with new parents and caregivers.

Begins April 27th. Register Now to Secure Your Spot in the Upcoming Online Session and Receive Your Educator Package.

Teach New Parents and Caregivers Quality Newborn Infant & Toddler Care Techniques

Advance your infant and childcare career as a Newborn or Child Educator and share valuable care techniques with new parents and caregivers. Our program equips care professionals with essential training, resources and two official educator's manuals to support their career and business growth. Empower yourself to guide and support parents and caregivers effectively while making a profound impact on the lives of young children. Join us and advance your career with confidence and compassion in 'birth to three' education.

Become a Newborn and Child Care Educator

Here's What's Included in ICT's
Newborn & Child Care Educator Training & Certification

  • Advanced Care Training: Complete Master Training to ensure you're up to date on newborn and childcare skills and techniques.

  • Educator Practical Activities: Dynamic training includes end of module assessments and activities that will be personally reviewed by our lead instructors.

  • Educator Training Package: Receive a hands-on package in the mail to use along with your online training.

  • Newborn and Child Educator Manual: Upon completion, Educators receive (2) comprehensive training manuals that can be used to teach others.

  • Train-the-Trainer Assessments: Practice providing instruction and direction for new parents and receive feedback from our lead instructors.

  • Newborn and Early Childcare Educator Certification: Receive an official certificate upon completion along with your official instructor manuals.

  • Educator Guidance and Support: Learn how to use your skills and certification to elevate your career as an Educator.


Our comprehensive training and resources can be used to advance your career, create greater opportunities, and even start your own childcare training and support services for families and caregivers.

Newborn + Child Educator Training & Certification
Six-Weeks Self Paced Online Training Program

Pay In Full or
Enroll in the Payment Plan


"The Newborn and Child Care Educator Program was exactly what I was looking for!  I have years of childcare experience and was ready for the next stage of my career so sharing my knowledge and training with new parents and caregivers is a perfect next step for me.  Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity and helping me gain the credentials and resources I needed to advance my career!"  Maria Alcantara

This Training & Coaching Program is
PERFECT for you if:


Experienced Caregivers and Childcare Professionals: If you're passionate about childcare and want to guide new parents effectively, this program is tailored for you. Enhance your expertise, refine your skills, and transition into a role where you can educate and support caregivers with confidence.

✅ Aspiring Educators and Mentors: Are you eager to teach and mentor new parents or care staff in newborn care? This training equips you with the resources and structured curriculum needed to make a positive impact.

✅ Healthcare Professionals Seeking Versatility: Expand your horizons beyond clinical settings. With this program, healthcare professionals can diversify their skill set and become proficient in early childcare education, bridging the gap between medical knowledge and practical guidance for parents and caregivers.

If you're still not ready to invest...
You may be asking yourself...

When is the next Educator Program? The next program starts April 27th and you will have 6 weeks to complete the training at your own pace.

Is there a payment plan option? Yes, if you're unable to pay in full, there is an easy payment plan option for a small additional fee.

How much does the Educator Program Cost? The Newborn Educator Training and Certification is $2,997 and includes everything. The Dual Newborn and Childcare Educator Program is $3,997 and includes both Newborn and Childcare Educator Certification.

What are the requirements to apply and register? This program is best suited for those who have at least two years of professional early childcare experience or work closely with supporting caregivers or parents.

What types of career opportunities would this training qualify me for? The Educator program is a great career advancement credential for experienced care professionals including Newborn Care Specialists, Baby Nurses, Postpartum Doulas, Family Support Workers, New Parent Educators and Childcare Leaders who will support new parents or caregivers in providing quality early care.

Newborn + Child Care Educator Training & Certification
Six-Week Self Paced Online Training Program

Pay In Full or
Enroll in the Payment Plan


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