Newborn Care Specialist Certification Master Training

Program formerly referred to as the Baby Nurse Course 

Students Nationwide & International

Do you love babies?  Would you like to advance your career helping new parents with their precious newborn? For over a decade, ICT Infant and Childcare Training Academy has trained thousands of professional newborn care specialists to work with families during the day or night. Whether you are considering a career change or would like to upgrade your skills and credentials, our newborn specialist online certification training, will help you meet your goals.  You will learn how to become a confident and skilled newborn care professional. 


Formerly known as the baby nurse certification course, our non-medical newborn care training program provides career development opportunity for students at all levels. The NCS course includes essential and advanced training topics such as baby sleep training, breastfeeding support, calming techniques, infant massage, baby talk, professionalism, and much more.  You will be prepared to provide attentive care while parents rest and recover after the birth of their new baby. 

When you register, you will be shipped a complete student care package with practice training baby doll, swaddle blanket, student handbook and more. Training consists of easy-to-follow video demonstrations and baby care techniques.  You will learn about your role as a qualified infant specialist and how to understand the specific needs of each family.  

Baby Nurse Course Certification
Newborn Care Specialist Training and Cer


Newborn Care Specialist (Baby Nurse) Course Outline

The Newborn Care Specialist Program is designed to help care professionals learn essential and specialized newborn care skills to provide high-level childcare to young infants, while supporting new parents and helping them to adjust to life with new baby.  This is a non-medical, child-care development course to advance the practical skills of newborn care providers and parent educators.

  • Infant Health, Safety and Wellness

  • Infant Characteristics & Development

  • Establishing a Daily Routine

  • Sleep Stages and Gentle Sleep Training

  • Essentials of Newborn Care

  • How to Bathe Baby - Sponge vs Tub Bath

  • Bottle-Feeding and Breast-Feeding Basics

  • Proper Diapering

  • Sterilization and Cleanliness

  • Safe & Peaceful Sleep Environment

  • Infant Massage Basics

  • Newborn Language and Communication

  • When to Call the Doctor

  • Review of Handouts & Resources

  • Understanding Newborn Cues & Responding to Them

  • Common Methods & Philosophies

  • Developing and Recording Baby's Schedule

  • Newborn Swaddling Techniques & Benefits

  • Crying & Responding to Baby Effectively

  • Umbilical Stump and Circumcision Care Procedures

  • Calming a Fussy Baby and Understanding Colic

  • SIDS, Acid Reflux, Shaken Baby Syndrome

  • Newborn Developmental Milestones

  • Supporting New Moms and Understanding Baby Blues / Postpartum Depression

  • Common Newborn Care Questions Answered

  • and Much More...

Student Frequently Asked Questions

Who Should Take the Newborn Baby Nurse Course?

The Newborn Specialist Master Training is perfect for nannies, caregivers, doulas, or anyone interested in a career with babies.

What is the Class Schedule? 

You will have two weeks to complete the training at your own pace.  You will be able to log on and off at your convenience at any time during the day and pick up from where you left off.  The training consists of interactive instructional videos, demos and activities.

What is Included in the Newborn Care Specialist Training?

Everything is included in your training!  You will receive a student care package shipped to you with all your hands on practice material and booklet.  Infant CPR Family & Friends Program is included and a beautiful Newborn Specialist certificate to present to families.  

What about International Students?

We welcome many students outside of the USA.  Due to the timing and cost of shipping internationally, we do not ship packages internationally, however, our international students do receive their official certificate and materials electronically after completing the course.   We offer a $50 credit to our international NCS students, simply check international when registering.

What are the Requirements?

Photo ID for student identification and name verification.  You DO NOT need to provide your social security number.

Students must be at least 18 years of age or older to register.

How Long Does it Take to Complete the Training?

On average, you will need 10-20 hours to complete the course.  Each student goes at a different pace, some students are able to complete the program within a weekend while others do a little each day.

Do You Offer a Payment Plan?

Yes, for a small additional fee, payment plan students can pay $550 at the time of registration and a 2nd payment of $550 will be charged on the day training begins. Save when you are able to pay in full one-time $997.

What If I am Already CPR Certified?

CPR is approved for online training as we provide you with materials to practice along with the instructional steps video.  The Infant CPR is only a very small segment of the training.  If you are already certified, this will be a refresher for you.  CPR is a life saving skill and many students benefit from the review.


Will This Training be Valid in My Area?  

Yes, ICT's newborn infant care training and certificate is a worldwide respected program with national and international appeal.  It has been used by students and agencies throughout the USA and Internationally.  Our most popular training areas include New York, New Jersey, California, Texas, Boston, Florida, Chicago, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Washington DC, Virginia, MD and other big cities and areas where families hire Nanny and Newborn Care support. We also have many students join us from Canada, Australia and worldwide.

When Will I Receive My Certificate?

Students will be able to print a temporary certificate immediately upon completion of the training is completed. Your official certificate and reference material is usually shipped within one week.

Do You Offer Job Placement Services?

ICT Academy students are well prepared and highly sought after by agencies and families.  We are partnered with leading nanny and newborn specialist (baby nurse) placement agencies.  Our training programs are first class and offer invaluable knowledge and credentials that families respect.  The training includes a section on professionalism and job search tips.  

When Is Your Next Class?  What are the Upcoming Dates?

The Newborn Care Specialist course is usually offered once per month.  Students should register in advance for the class date of their choice.  There are 2 sessions offered each month and you will be able to select the starting date of your choice.  

How Do I Register?

REGISTER ONLINE and pay with a credit or debit card. When your registration is processed, you will receive an email confirmation. Register in advance to reserve your spot and receive your package in time.  Online registration is safe and secure and you may also call the registration office to register during normal business hours at (866) 771-3181.

We look forward to having you join us soon!


Newborn Care Specialist
Master Training & Certification Course
Advance Your Skills with a
Respected Certificate

ICT Academy has Helped Thousands of Students Around the World, Advance their Skills and Career with
Dynamic Newborn Care Specialist Training and Certification
(Also Known As the Baby Nurse Training Course)


I've never taken an online class before but I wanted to get started with my training right away and I'm so glad I did!  I decided to take the course online for Newborn Specialist Baby Nurse and I was able to take my time to review the information and video demonstrations, ask questions from ICT instructors and I learned so much and enjoyed every minute of it.  My certificate looks so professional and I recommend this training for anyone who wants to up their nanny or baby care skills!   Student NCS (Baby Nurse) Master Class Training and Certification Course




Next Class Begins: June 4th