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5 Steps to Start Your Newborn 'Baby Nurse' Career

Becoming a successful Newborn Care Specialist is easier than you think!

It all seems difficult at first, but we've helped many students transform their careers and do the work they love! 💗

Here are 5 simple steps to start and grow your Baby Care Career journey:

  • Build your knowledge and skills: Enroll in ICT Academy's recognized Newborn Care Specialist Master Course to gain the foundational and advanced knowledge and practical skills you'll need to excel in this field.

  • Prepare a Newborn Care Bio: Put together your own professional bio describing yourself, your experience and education learnings, as well as your passion and interest in supporting families and caring for their babies.

  • Gain practical experience: Apply for opportunities recommended in your training including directories, agencies, and childcare facilities or offer your services on a short term internship basis in exchange for real baby experience and written references. This will also build your confidence.

  • Maintain a high level of professionalism: Uphold high standards of professionalism by being reliable, punctual, flexible and demonstrating clear communication. Remember, building trust with families is crucial in this role.

  • Do a great job and get referrals: Always present your best services and kindly ask for any referrals from fellow parents, friends and families. This will build your book of business and keep you working for many years to come.

Ready to take the first step?

Our Newborn Care Specialist Master Course is designed specifically for new and growing NCS. We'll equip you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to thrive in this rewarding career.

Join us and start making a difference in the lives of newborns and families!


ICT Academy Team

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