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Is ICT Academy (Infant Care Training) Legit?

Are you considering enrolling in ICT Academy's Newborn Care Specialist or Nanny Certification Training Courses but wondering if it's a legitimate choice? Well, we're here to assure you that ICT Academy is a pioneer and leading organization in specialized newborn care training for nannies and caregivers across the nation. Many other training companies got their start after being trained directly by ICT Academy first.

A Trusted Leader in Specialized Early Childcare Education

Established in 2008, ICT Academy was founded by childcare and nanny agency experts who recognized the growing need for professional skill development and childcare training in the private childcare industry. Based in New York, we have expanded our reach to serve care professionals not only nationwide but beyond.

With over a decade of experience, ICT has successfully guided over 2,000 students through our programs, helping them advance their careers and enrich their knowledge in the realm of infant and childcare.

Solid Partnerships and Accreditation

ICT Academy believes in building strong partnerships and is proud to be affiliated with leading Nanny and Newborn Care Placement Agencies, Family Parent Organizations, Mother Baby Units, Childcare Certification Associations, and holds accreditation from the INCA (International Newborn and Nanny Care Association), among others. These affiliations reflect commitment to delivering the highest standards of training and education.

Life-Changing Impact on Graduates

ICT Academy students consistently express their heartfelt gratitude for the training they've received at ICT Academy. Many describe it as life-changing, and the impact on their careers and lives is immeasurable.

Expert Instructors and Personalized Learning

ICT Academy's dynamic and well-loved instructors are at the heart of their students' success. They offer expert guidance and insider tips for career success, drawing from their extensive experience in the childcare industry. To ensure a personalized learning experience, class sizes are kept small, encouraging a deeper understanding and a more significant impact on each individual student.

If you're eager to take your nanny care or newborn care specialist career to the next level, look no further than ICT Academy. Visit ICT Academy to explore current course programs and check if you qualify.

Join ICT's community of dedicated professionals who are passionate about infant and childcare. ICT Academy is your trusted partner on your journey to success!

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