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Advance Your Career: Newborn Care Specialist Master Training

Best Rated Newborn Care Specialist
Certification Courses Nationwide

The Leader in Newborn Care Specialist Training Nationwide

Welcome to The Infant Care Training (ICT) Academy, your pathway to your next level in childcare. Whether you aspire to be a Newborn Care Specialist, Infant Specialized Nanny Professional, or grow your childcare skills and qualifications, our specialized certificate courses will help you reach your goals.

For nearly 20 years, we have been one of the first approved training programs offering Newborn Care Specialist (Baby Nurse Training) Mastery Training Nationwide.  We understand this specialized industry and will prepare you to stand out and offer top-notch care to new families and their precious babies. 

ICT Infant Care Training Academy is a the Best Rated Newborn Care Specialist and Baby Nurs

Top-Rated Newborn Care Specialist 'Baby Nurse' Training Courses Since 2008

"Thank you ICT for such an amazing training!  I learned so much and feel much more confident in my abilities to provide excellent newborn care."

Join Our Free 10-Minute Video Presentation on How to Become a Successful Newborn Care Specialist 

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Our students are in high-demand throughout the USA and there's a reason!  Our training offers more than just newborn and infant care training, but also goes in depth about what families really need and want during this exciting and challenging time during their early parenthood journey. 


Our programs will give you the competitive advantage to advance your career with the training, tips and tools you need for success!

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