How Much Do Newborn Care Specialists Make?

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

There are several factors involved that may determine the rates of a Newborn Care Specialist, also popularly referred to as a 'Baby Nurse'. The following are the most common baby nurse salaries and the determining factors.

Baby Nurse Salary - How Much Do Baby Nurses Make?

Location, Location, Location

Newborn care may be a very warm and loving career, however, it is also a business. Everyone in business knows that the location of their service will have a great impact on earning potential. As a newborn care specialist, it is no different. If you work in a booming city or high income town, you will earn more. As an ambitious baby nurse, you may consider traveling a bit to get closer to the higher paying clients. The most lucrative areas and highest paid baby nurses work in cities such New York, California, Florida, California and Texas just to name a few, but most areas where nannies are hired, will also have a demand for newborn care specialists and day or night nurses.

Training and Specializations

Baby Nurse Training is becoming increasingly more necessary for care professionals who want to be taken seriously. Most agencies and families will expect you to have some formal newborn care training and certification. Having your own children is no longer enough experience to compete for top paying baby nurse jobs. The cost of most training programs is a very small investment into your long term earning potential. Families want to know that you are skilled and able to offer them support and newborn care education when they bring their babies home from the hospital after delivery. A Newborn Care Specialist Training and Certification Course is a minimum requirement while additional specialized training adds to your skill set. Some of the skills new parents look for include Baby Sleep Training for Newborn Baby, Breastfeeding Support, Nanny Training and Certification, and Twins, Preemie and Multiples Care training.

Experience and References

If you have any professional child care experience such as nannying, daycare work, teaching, babysitting, or newborn care, you will have an advantage because you have hands on experience. But everyone starts from somewhere. Once you have completed your newborn specialist training, you can apply for volunteer, short term or lower paying jobs to gain some hands on experience and references. This will also build your confidence as you apply what you have learned from training. There are some families seeking short term help with their babies but may not be able to afford more seasoned baby nurses. Also, you can use the power of networking. Do you know anyone that knows anyone who has a baby? Ask if you can help them for a few hours a day in exchange for an amazing recommendation!

Sky is the Limit!

The truth of the matter is that baby nurses often earn much more than a typical babysitter or nanny. The average baby nurse can earn anywhere from $200-500 per day or more, depending location, training, experience, level of care and on the shift and number of hours worked. Baby Nurses who specialize in twins or triplet care earn even more, but double the work doesn't always mean double the pay.

Keep this in mind - the business of newborn care is precious and should not be taken lightly. The most successful day and night nannies and nurses do it out of love and not simply because of the money they can make. It is always nice to know that you can do something you love and earn a great living doing it!

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