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Requirements for Becoming a Certified Newborn Care Specialist | 5 Steps to Get Started Today

Are you considering becoming a Certified Newborn Care Specialist, often referred to as a Baby Nurse? Becoming a Newborn Care Specialist might just be the fulfilling career path you've been seeking! We have trained and guided thousands of caregivers in advancing their career to provide quality newborn care and new parent support.

#1 Certification: Professional Credentials

Reputable training is one of the first steps to starting your newborn care career journey. ICT Academy's Our Newborn Care Specialist Master Course is the gateway to mastering the skills needed for this rewarding role. This comprehensive program covers everything from fundamental caregiving practices to specialized newborn infant care techniques like baby sleep training, breastfeeding support, infant CPR and more, that sets you apart as a professional in the field. Check out ICT Infant and Childcare Training Courses

#2 Requirements to Enroll for Training

We've simplified the enrollment process for your convenience. You'll only need a valid photo ID that verifies your legal name and identity to get started on this exciting journey. This could be a passport, or driver license or state ID, etc. You need a valid email address. You don't need to provide a social security number to enroll in training.

#3 Age Criteria: All Ages Welcome!

You're eligible to join us if you're 18 years or older. This criteria ensures that individuals entering this career possess the maturity and dedication needed to excel in caring for infants and young children. And we have students of all ages that experience the joy and impact of working with newborns.

#4 Passion for Young Children: A Must!

A love of baby care and the care of young children is key to success and joy as an Infant Specialist. Your love will go a long way in your dedication and patience helping families to provide quality newborn care.

#5 Practical Hands-On Experience: Even if You're a Beginner!

Our training includes practical hands-on learning. From sleep training to feeding support and career resources, our detailed course structure equips you with the necessary skills and confidence required for a successful career in newborn care. Our section on professionalism also provides the resources you need to get started supporting families and building your initial references. Explore our Newborn Specialist Baby Nurse Training Course

Whether you're an experienced childcare professional or new to the field, our program is designed to support your unique journey. The upcoming session, starting soon, is tailored for flexibility, allowing you to progress at your own pace.

For more information on getting started, reach out to us at ICT Academy | Infant and Childcare Training:

We look forward to helping you achieve your baby care career goals!

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