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Career Development Program for Newborn Care Specialist Students
Interested in Accelerating Their Career Success.



Get continued access to your training programs for review and to refresh your skills on the job PLUS monthly lessons.


Get job announcements, listings and notification of agencies hiring.  Get listed as a member on 


Get a copy of our winning resume template and NCS Career Success Guide to stand out and continue to get hired!

Preparing Our Student's For Success

Our Newborn Care Club (NCC) assists with preparing students for gaining experience and finding jobs in the Newborn Care Industry. You'll learn where to look, how to apply, how to interview, and how to attain a quality position as either a Newborn Care Specialist, Newborn Nanny or Night Nanny, or Newborn Baby Nurse. 


We offer monthly workshops for our Newborn Care Club students throughout the year including topics on:

Resume / Job Search Workshops

  • Learn how to write a stand out resume

  • Learn how to find and apply to good jobs

  • Learn the advantages and disadvantages of common formats

  • Learn how to obtain reference letters

  • Learn how to write and present a bio 

Interviewing Workshops

  • Learn how to ace an interview

  • Know what to expect in an interview 

  • Learn common interview questions and how to answer them

  • Learn how to properly follow up after an interview

  • Virtual vs in-person interview skills

Nanny / Newborn Care Agencies

  • Learn how to find quality agencies

  • Learn how to work with agencies

  • Understand what agencies look for

  • Decide whether you should work with an agency

Family Communication / Negotiation

  • Learn how to communicate effectively with new parents

  • Understand what new moms and dads are looking for

  • Learn how to negotiate your rates

  • Learn how to discover the going and best rates in your area

And learn so much more!  Each month, Newborn Care Club members receive new mini-lessons on various topics with tips and tools for advancing their Newborn Care Career.

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how to become a certified newborn care specialist and baby nurse training

Newborn Care Club Membership
Member Fee: Now Only $97/mo

  • Who Should Join ICT's Newborn Care Club?

    • Anyone who would like career support resources, updates or would like unlimited one-year access to review the training programs completed.

  • What are the Requirements to Join?

    • Members must be recent students or former students of ICT Academy and have completed either the NCS or Dual program.  Members must also have a valid photo ID or verification of Identity such as a driver license or passport.  ​​

  • When Does the Membership Begin and End?

    • Your registration will usually be reviewed and processed within 24-72 business hours.  You will receive a confirmation email once you join.  Membership is monthly and you can cancel at anytime before the next month, however, to gain the true value in the club - long term membership is recommended.

  • How Do I Join?

    • Join Online Now - Newborn Care Club Registration and we send you a confirmation email to confirm your membership.  If you have any questions or need help enrolling, feel free to email us or call (866) 771-3181.  We look forward to having you join our exclusive newborn care membership community.