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What is a Baby Nurse? How to Become a Newborn Care Specialist (Baby Nurse)?

What is a Baby Nurse?:

What is a Baby Nurse? Unless you are a licensed or registered nurse, a baby ‘nurse’ is not necessarily a medical nurse but rather a Newborn Care Specialist (NCS) or someone who is trained and specializes in newborn infant care. You may also hear a NCS referred to as a Newborn Nanny, Night Nurse, Night Nanny or Infant Specialist. You may find that some agencies and families may still choose to refer to a Newborn Care Specialist as a Baby ‘Nurse’. ICT Academy Infant and Childcare Training offers professional training, support and certification programs for Newborn Specialists, Nannies, Agencies, Educators and other Specialized Care Providers. Click Here for Certificate Information on NCS Training Programs

What Does a Newborn Care Specialist Do?:

Newborn Care Specialists provide top-notch care for a young infant during first weeks and months of life, sometimes even longer. They support new parents as they learn how to respond to their baby’s needs and also get much needed rest. They calm and comfort fussy babies, feed, diaper and ease baby to sleep if they work the night shift. They develop helpful routines for baby and record all of baby's progress. In addition, if time allows they may help organize baby's supplies and nursery, prepare and sterilize bottles and provide soothing baby baths and simple infant massages. Newborn Specialists (Baby Nurses) also monitor baby's development and record baby's progress. They are happy to offer support and gentle advice to new moms and dads as needed. There are usually a variety of different shifts available include night care, day care and 24 hour live in care. For more information on Training and Certificate Courses, visit: The Infant Care Training Academy (ICT Academy)

How do you Become a Newborn Specialist?:

How do you Become a Newborn Care Specialist? Regardless of how much experience you may have, many families and agencies will feel more comfortable with those who have completed formal Newborn Care Specialist Certification Training (Baby Nurse Training). Training is also strongly recommended for Nannies who care for infants as well. Infant CPR is required. It is also very helpful to get some hands-on experience with babies. This can usually be accomplished by helping someone you may

know, volunteering at a local childcare facility or offering your services at a discount rate to families to build confidence, experience and references. Once you have your official training certificate and references, you are good to go and can start applying with agencies and families direct. Many Newborn Care Specialists eventually go on to grow and begin their own newborn care business. ICT Academy also offers students the opportunity to join the Newborn Care Club for caregivers looking for guidance and resources for better job opportunities.

Who Should Become a NCS?:

Someone who has a genuine love of babies, a nurturing quality and a desire to help support new parents. Many Newborn Care Specialists have experience as Nannies, Home Health Aides, Daycare Providers, Parents, Teachers or even Medical Professionals including CNA, HHA, Nurses & Therapists who are looking for a new or additional career path. This may also be a great career path for someone seeking a flexible work schedule, such as one during the nights, weekends or periodically. Many Newborn Specialists also work long-term or permanent cases staying on to help a growing family.

How Much Can I Earn as a NCS?:

Newborn Care Specialists pay rates vary based on your training, location, experience, agency, shift, whether you will care for singles, twins or triplets. The average going rates for ICT graduates range from $30-50+ per hr and between $300-700+ per day depending on the job, location, experience, care needs (twins, sleep training, travel, preemie, etc.) and schedule. Not only can you earn a great income working with babies but you can enjoy work that is both rewarding and truly fulfilling!

Newborn Care Specialist Training & Certification:

Newborn Care Specialist Training & Certification also known as Baby Nurse Training is provided by ICT | Infant & Childcare Training Academy. ICT is a leader in the specialized education and professional development of Nanny Professionals and Newborn Care Specialists. Since 2008, ICT has trained thousands of Newborn Specialists Nationwide and is dedicated to preparing caregivers for excellence and advancement in childcare. ICT offers training programs in Newborn Care, Nanny Care, Infant-Toddler Care, Daycare, Educator, Nanny Agency Business, Baby Sleep, Breastfeeding Support, CPR, Multiples Care and more!

Courses are offered conveniently online and in-person with exciting multi-media instruction. All certification programs can be taken anywhere throughout USA and many countries Internationally as well.

For more information on certificate training programs:

Visit | Email: | or Call: (866) 771-3181

Much success as you pursue a rewarding and skillful career as a professional Newborn Care Specialist or other advanced Childcare Profession!

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