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Newborn Care Specialist Training and Certification Process

Newborn Care Specialists are becoming a high-demand and well paid career option for childcare providers nationwide. It's no wonder families, agencies and caregivers are seeking the best Newborn Care Specialist Training and Certification programs to prepare them to qualify for these specialized baby care jobs.

Newborn Care Specialist Training Requirements

Newborn Care Providers are not your average Nanny. They are expected to be skilled in the early weeks and months of a new baby's life. Everything from feeding, sleep training, monitoring and advising new parents on the health of their new bundle of joy.

In addition, families want someone trustworthy who can get up with baby throughout the night to care, comfort and guide into a good night time routine. Families want the best for their baby, so they also want to the best caregiver to provide excellent and skilled support for their family.

A Top-Rated Newborn Care Specialist Training Program will prepare you for success in the following areas:

  • Your Role as a Newborn Care Specialist

  • Providing Top-Notch Care for a Newborn Baby

  • Professionalism and Qualifying for Career Opportunities

  • Training Materials and Practical Baby Care Methods

  • Testing, Certification and More

In addition, it is required that Newborn Specialists be certified in Infant CPR. ICT Academy - a Top-Notch Newborn Care Training School based in New York offers Infant CPR as an added benefit to it's Master Program.

Here's what one of ICT's Advanced NCS students had to say:

"I am so grateful for the training and information I received with ICT Academy! I gained great practical knowledge regarding effective infant care techniques. I now feel very confident and more qualified in my ability to work for higher paying clients who are looking for the best!

ICT Academy offers Newborn Care Specialist programs online and in-person. You can go at your own pace or you can take an intensive weekend program for accelerated training and certification. Your certificate will give you and the families you work for more confidence as you grow your professional newborn care career.

For more information on Newborn Care Training Online or at a location near you,

Much success in your newborn care career endeavors!

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